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Category Archives: Home Insurance

You Could Save over $2500 in ONE YEAR!
IT PAYS TO VISIT WITH AN INDEPENDENT AGENT TODAY!   More insurance coverage on the home   Tripled their home’s personal liability   Saving $2,653 in ONE YEAR by bundling their home and auto??? This is a snapshot of a detailed breakdown with a recent client!    
When Do You Insure A Potato?
If that potato is worth more than $2500 – that’s when 😯  https://www.cbsnews.com/news/potato-photo-sells-for-more-than-1-million/   When to Schedule Items on Your Homeowners Policy If one the valuables in your home (art, jewelry, fur, electronics, guns etc) exceeds $1,000-2500, depending on your homeowners policy, then you need to schedule that item. By…
Sewer Backup is a Homeowner’s Nightmare
Sewer Backup is a Homeowner’s Nightmare Do you have a finished basement?   Do you have sewer back up coverage?  Is it enough? It’s a homeowner’s nightmare.  The sewer starts flowing the wrong way.  That’s  bad news for the homeowner’s basement.  And on top of that, the owner says its…
Home Loss Guide
Home Loss Guide Severe storms and other unexpected events that cause damage to your home or business are always stressful. It is extremely important to remain calm so you respond appropriately: Assess the medical condition of all parties involved If anyone has sustained a serious injury requiring medical assistance, you…
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