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Home Loss Guide

Home Loss Guide

Severe storms and other unexpected events that cause damage to your home or business are always stressful. It is extremely important to remain calm so you respond appropriately:

Assess the medical condition of all parties involved

If anyone has sustained a serious injury requiring medical assistance, you need to call 9-1-1 and request emergency medical responders right away.

Stay at least 10 feet away from any downed power line

Never assume a downed power line is safe to approach. Secure the area around the downed power line so others are kept a safe distance away. Contact your local power company as soon as possible to alert them of the situation.

Do you detect the smell associated with a natural gas leak?

If you detect the smell associated with a natural gas leak, get yourself and everyone else away from the premises as quickly as possible. Although natural gas does not have any odor, a distinctive smell similar to rotten eggs is added to help with the detection of a leak. Contact your natural gas provider as soon as possible to alert them of the situation.

Check for broken water pipes

If there are any broken water pipes, make sure the damaged supply line is shut off as quickly as possible. All properties have a main shut off valve and most have additional shut off valves for other sections of the home or business. If a pipe bursts, even a two minute delay can result in an additional thirty gallons of water spilled. Thirty gallons of water is similar to the amount of water in a full bathtub.

Take all reasonable measures to protect the property from further damage

This may include covering holes in the roof, walls, doors and windows with plastic or boards or extracting water. Be careful not to risk your own safety in making these temporary repairs. Beware of contractors encouraging you to spend too much money on temporary repairs.

Retain all receipts associated with the loss

Do not discard any receipts associated with the loss such as those associated with temporary repairs and additional living expenses. Do not discard any damaged property or begin permanent repairs without prior approval from your claims representative.

Notify your local insurance agency