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Home Insurance

IMportant Questions Before Buying a Policy –

  • How is your home titled?
  • Do you have a finished basement? 
  • Do you operate a business on the premises?
  • Do you want replacement cost on the premises & contents?
  • Do you have any special valuables such as jewelry, firearms, Art, Etc that need to be scheduled?
  • How old is your roof, electric, heating & cooling
  • Do you have any fire, smoke or burglar alarms that may qualify for a discount?
  • Do you need Flood Insurance
  • Do you have a dog?

Coverage Definitions:

Property Coverage

  • Dwelling located on the described premises
  • Construction materials at the premises for use on your dwelling

Other Structures

  • Other Structures located on the premises
  • Construction materials at the premises for other structures
  • Sidewalks & driveways
  • Fences
  • Flag poles, Arbors, Pergola

Personal Property

Create A Home Inventory

Create A Home Inventory

  • Personal property located on the premises
  • Automatic coverage for personal property temporarily away from premises

Additional Living Expenses & Loss of Rents

  • Increase of living expense while your property is being repaired or replaced
  • Loss of rents you might incur while the rented portion of the premises is unfit to occupy

Additional Coverages

  • Debris Removal
  • Emergency Removal of Property
  • Necessary Repairs After Loss
  • Trees, Shrubs & Plants
  • Refrigerated Products ($250 included)
  • Outside Radio/Television Equipment & Satellite Dishes
  • Credit Card Loss Assessment
  • Collapse

Personal Liability Protection

Public Liability

  • Coverage for claims made against an insured person for bodily injury or property damage arising from accidents or injuries occurring on the premises for which the insured becomes legally obligated to pay due to personal acts

Medical Payments

  • Coverage for medical expenses that arise from accidents or injuries occurring on the insured premises

Damage to the Property of Others

  • Covers property damage to property of others which you borrow or use

Optional Coverage

  • Inflation Guard
  • Farm/Household Operations Records
  • Earthquake
  • Water/Sewer Backup
  • Condo Unit Owners
  • Scheduled Personal Property
  • Refrigerated Products
  • Replacement Cost for Personal Property


  • Incidental Business Activities
  • Business Pursuits
  • Home Day Care Provider
  • Incidental Agricultural Activities
  • Contractual Liability
  • Waterbed
  • Additional Insured
  • Additional Premises
  • Extend coverage to a student away at school