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“Liability Only” Insurance Leaves Crash Victim stranded
This local story illustrates the pitfall of “Liability only” car insurance.  While most people understand “liability only” car insurance doesn’t cover comp or collision claims such as your vehicle is stolen, you hit a deer or you have an at-fault accident.  Most people are under the false assumption that if…
Save Money on Cosmetic Auto Damage
Minor scrapes & scratches repaired without filing a claim Did you scrape the door of your garage?  Your bumper hit a curb or pole?  Don’t leave your vehicle looking shabby.  Body shops such as this one can repair care of minor scrapes, scratches, or rock chips.  It saves you money…
When Do You Insure A Potato?
If that potato is worth more than $2500 – that’s when 😯  https://www.cbsnews.com/news/potato-photo-sells-for-more-than-1-million/   When to Schedule Items on Your Homeowners Policy If one the valuables in your home (art, jewelry, fur, electronics, guns etc) exceeds $1,000-2500, depending on your homeowners policy, then you need to schedule that item. By…
Are Uber & Lyft Drivers Covered ?
The popularity of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft have brought forth new challenges for insurers. Personal auto policies are excluding coverage for paid services like Uber & Lyft.  Commercial policies don’t provide coverage under a common commercial auto policy.  Check out this article about navigating coverage for this new…
You Could Save over $2500 in ONE YEAR!
IT PAYS TO VISIT WITH AN INDEPENDENT AGENT TODAY!   More insurance coverage on the home   Tripled their home’s personal liability   Saving $2,653 in ONE YEAR by bundling their home and auto??? This is a snapshot of a detailed breakdown with a recent client!    
Meet Kevin Osborn
Have you met our newest agent, Kevin Osborn? Kevin will be meeting with customers at the bank branches not only in Shelby, but also Harlan, Portsmouth, Panama, Irwin, and Elk Horn. Kevin looks forward to working with you!
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