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Accidents Happen – My Life Lesson in Endurance

Accidents Happen – My Life lesson in endurance

My three day weekend ended up with a smash.  It wasn’t a normal birthday weekend.  Shelby 5KSomehow I had signed my husband and I up for not only the Warrior Dash but also a 5K.  He posted his frustration on Facebook, “So my insurance agent recommended me to increase my life insurance coverage. My wife signs me up for back to back 5k’s this weekend. My wife is my insurance agent. Got a bad feeling.”   

Shelby, Iowa hosted their first 5k event on Sat, June 8th.  “Loved it!”  We parked & registered at “The Corn Crib Restaurant”.  Reminiscent of a hay-rack ride, a tractor pulled padded carts out to the start of the race.  It was a brisk cool morning but it was a fun way to view the countryside.  Normally the near middle of June should have been warm enough to enjoy an exposed ride.   But this year just hasn’t been normal.  The city of Shelby has a scenic trail system.  It was a beautiful run ending with a steep hill finish back to the Corn Crib at the interstate.   I watched the very fit mom push her 6 year old (40+ lb) son up the hill with ease several minutes ahead of me as well as a cute little 10 year old and her mom.  I kept thinking if they can do it – I can do it.   Climbing the hill at the end with the crowd cheering each runner was both struggle and a reward.

Warrior Dash 2013Sunday’s warrior dash was a new level of misery.   It was exciting and thrilling to be a part of it but the course was incredibly slippery.  It was like climbing a “slip and slide” up the hills and trying to jog down one down the hills.  I fell a great deal.  The obstacles were very challenging especially with mud soaked shoes and deep mud holes.  We tried to run the course but because of the slick footing, I think walking was probably just as fast.  Our group all rose to the occasion and finished while rain and wind continued to replace feelings of pride and accomplishment with caveman like feelings of survival.  Warmth and food became primal concerns.  

Monday, brought hopefully the final leg of one tough weekend.  While parked at a house forCar Damage 6-10-2013 a hair appointment the owner’s teenage daughter accidentally scraped my car.  Because it was my birthday and because my car was damaged in January as well I felt both annoyed and exasperated.   Like maybe I should have just spent the day at work.  I pulled up to the body shop who just completed repairs and February and asked them if they could see the bulls-eye that must be on my driver side bumper because it seems like everyone wants to hit it.  Accidents are accidents — you can’t plan for them — they just happen.  That is what insurance is for and it will take care of it.  I collected her insurance information and she is very cooperative.  While running this journey of life I have come to realize that its the struggles and the accidents that not only teach us endurance but also make it memorable.