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Are Uber & Lyft Drivers Covered ?
The popularity of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft have brought forth new challenges for insurers. Personal auto policies are excluding coverage for paid services like Uber & Lyft.  Commercial policies don’t provide coverage under a common commercial auto policy.  Check out this article about navigating coverage for this new…
Storm Season Guide to Hail
I hate to even mention the H word in this office. Last year was a busy year of hail claims. Its been over a year since the June 3rd storm that ripped thru Blair on its way to our area. Here are some tips to help you detect and prevent…
Are You A Member of the “Sandwich Generation”
The “Sandwich Generation” is not just a theory—it’s a reality. New research by UBS that analyzes investment sentiment and behavior suggests many people are providing financial support to a parent or adult child. The data indicate that four in five investors provide financial support for adult children or parents, with…
Stand To Work: Avoid the “Sitting Disease”
Stand To Work:  Avoid the “Sitting Disease” Just as the computer age sparked carpal tunnel problems by the 90’s and dawned the new age of  “Ergonomics”, the information age has birthed a new “sitting disease”.  The convenience of sitting at our desk with a wealth of knowledge and communication at our…
Flood Insurance Program Change Eminent
Flood Insurance Program ~ Change Eminent I am hearing it at all the local insurance meetings,  The federal, 45 year old, flood insurance program will be making major changes soon. (Soon because congress keeps moving it back).  If you live near a flood zone you will want to keep informed…
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