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Insurance Guide for Travel:Is My Rental Car Covered? My Stuff?

Insurance Guide for travel- Destination Relaxation

Gray Family Vacation 2003

Gray Family Vacation 2003

We receive several calls this time of year asking the same question – Does my Auto Insurance cover a rental car?   As you prepare for your summer vacation we will answer that question and more to ensure your peace of mind. ~ Destination Relaxation !

Is My Rental Car Covered by my Auto Insurance?

Yes your current policy probably covers your rental car.  However the real question is:  Is it enough?  First check to see if you have “Full Coverage” on your autos.  If you only have liability coverage then you will not have coverage for damage by deer or if the car is stolen.  Second, you may not be covered for “Loss of Use”.   Because the vehicle cannot be rented while in the shop, some companies may charge you this fee to recover the loss of income.  This is not covered on most personal auto policies.  Third, an accidents will go against your insurance claims history and your current policy may be increased due to claims.

Some credit card companies offer rental car coverage when purchasing the rental with the card.  Out of state laws may also apply at claims time.   Each individual must weigh the risks when deciding whether or not to purchase the rental car insurance.

**Don’t forget to take your Auto ID card on vacation**

When I travel is my stuff covered?

Yes, your personal property Is covered by the contents of your homeowners coverage anywhere in the world. In fact in the unfortunate event that at Christmas time your presents are stolen out of your car. It is your homeowners policy that would replace the stolen items not your car insurance. You are covered in most cases up to 10% of your Personal Property Coverage when traveling. Covered damages include those as a result of theft, water, fire, etc. If you lose your wedding ring while swimming it will not be covered unless it is scheduled!

Rings & other increased items of value should always be scheduled on your homeowners insurance to increase the covered causes of loss and make sure you get the full value of the item.

Travel Insurance Offered

Coverage is explained for some common travel scenarios.

Let me know if you have other Travel Questions or Concerns. Call me at 712-544-2628 or email: kim@landmarkia.com